winged eyeliner, eye makeup

Easy ways to create winged eyeliner

All womens agree that nothing elevates your eye make up like dramatic winged eye-liner. It looks super hot and complements almost every kind of look. With winged liner being the hottest trend you cannot let your shaky hands and lack of proficiency keep you away from achieving this feat. Here are the easy ways to create Winged Eyeliner for a perfect look.


winged eyeliner, eye makeup


Getting the perfect winged liner is kinda like curling your hair.

Everyone has their own way of doing it but eyes do not even look like friends.

There’s nothing like winged liner to complete a look. Practice makes  Womens perfect. Here’s how I do mine  using the best liner

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

This creamy waterproof liner glides onto lids without skipping or smudging and lasts all day

if you are new to winged eyeliner, this Bobbi brown might just become your new best friends


No matter how much you practice, you may need a little help that’s where tape comes in. stick a one inch piece of makeup tape.

According to me Eyeliner brush is best to create winged eyeliner.


winged eyeliner, eye makeup


First you have eye liner brush just create a thin line on your eyelids corner.

if you are a beginner you can use makeup tape or scotch tape underneath your bottom lashes  and angle it based on how dramatic you want your flick.

Then, with your liquid eyeliner, trace along your lash line, following the edge of the tape to create a crisp wing. Once the liner has dried, slowly remove the tape.


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